We’re your local family run alpaca farm located near London Underground’s Epping station (near Abridge, Loughton, Waltham Abbey, Chigwell and Waltham Forest). We’ve developed a passion for farming sustainably & creating quality products that can be traced back to our individual animals. We’d love to tell you more about this, or show you where our products came from during an alpaca experience!

Visit & Feed the alpacas

At our farm, we're excited to allow you to meet our herd and learn about the wonders of Alpacas.

This is done on a pre-booked basis which helps ensure that groups stay small and we give our alpacas enough time to graze undisturbed.

During these experiences you'll be able to get up-close and feed our friendly girls. 

Alpaca fibre

Alpacas grow an amazing fleece every year which keeps them very warm during winter. In the summer months they would be too warm with their fleeces, and as they can't naturally shed them we have to sheer it off for them.

A small mill in the south of England spins their fleeces into lovely yarn. We've currently got our alpaca wool for sale which has blended with rose! This has resulted in an incredibly soft yarn which is of superb quality & produced locally. 

Live the alpaca life

We believe alpacas offer a great lifestyle and allow people to be more sustainable to our planet.

Each alpaca foot has two toes with hard toenails but at the bottom of their feet it is soft and padded. As a result this minimizes their effect on pastures. Alpacas are not fans of long grass, they enjoy nibbling the top of the grass and won’t damage the grass by pulling it up from the root.

Products made from their fleeces have been compared to cashmere and can last a life time if looked after well. Furthermore it doesn’t contaminate our water with micro plastics.

They can be ethically farmed in the UK and fleeces turned into great end-products by local artists (and moms)! We carefully breed our quality alpacas with top quality studs in the UK, which allows us to share our genetics with other breeders. If you’re interested in keeping alpacas or would like to expand your herd, then please get in touch with us for a friendly chat.

Can you spare a second?

We’d like to show you our faces! Our alpacas all have their own name and personality. Get to know us before you visit! 

Indigo and Artemis
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